May 2016 Record Temperature Marks 13 Consecutive Months

Another month has gone by and another record temperature has been set. The planet is ever warming and May 2016 turned in the hottest month ever recorded.

Another month has gone by and another record temperature has been set. This is the 13th consecutive month with a record temperature! Whether you want to blame this on climate change, El Niño, or all the hot air being released during the presidential election campaign, the fact remains that the planet is an ever warming…

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Wind Power Growth Blows & It’s Getting Stronger

Wind power growth continues to climb. Years of investment has wind outpacing fossil fuel growth.

Wind Power Growth has never been better. Following several years of sustained investment, wind generated electricity has shown an outstanding year of growth! The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has released their annual assessment and market report. Within this report, the AWEA shared that wind energy production has hit a…

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Produce With High Concentrations of Pesticide

A study has been released identifying fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue. Strawberries top the list followed by many other favorites.

The season is approaching where we start to plan out our gardens or buy more fresh produce. This year a bit of information was shared by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) on which produce items are retaining the highest saturation of pesticide. Produce Pesticide Results The EWG released their results…

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