A Sustainable Journey

Long ago, we adopted the idea that achieving sustainability was going to be a journey. Like most journeys, this one has had some detours, some bumps in the road, and even a number of setbacks.

Whether you realize it or not, the journey has already started. Sure, we may not be moving as fast as we need to; but it has started nonetheless

Is the Goal Achievable

A Green Leaf Home is about providing you with the foundation on the challenges our planet faces. We’re not going to provide you all the answers here… so open your mind as you move forward.

The challenges that we face when we look at sustainability are not always black and white. Unfortunately, there are far too many gray areas in-between.

In most cases, you will need to draw your own conclusions on where the world stands. Progress is being made in many areas of conservation, pollution control, and alternative energy. We’ll get into those discussions as well.

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