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Cleaning Green: 5 Super Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Bring the Freshness of Spring Indoors, Naturally Written by: Kendra Morvillo There’s something about spring that makes me feel like emptying the entire contents of my house into a trash bin and bathing it in lemon scented cleaning supplies… just me? I didn’t think so. Humans crave fresh air and sunshine and winter deprives of […]

How Does Solar Impact Property Value

Solar power has demonstrated tremendous growth over the years. 135,000 homes and businesses converted to solar power in the first half of 2015 alone. As this growth continues in the residential sector, questions are raised on how solar impacts property value. Tangible estimates are available for any number of home improvement projects. Install a new kitchen […]


Trump Reinforces Love for Oil by Considering Exxon CEO as Secretary of State

Climate Change Denial Will Now be Introduced to Foreign Policy Trump is expected to announce the Oil Tycoon Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State. Tillerson is a life-long employee of the oil company with no political experience. He does however have significant business relationships abroad including strong interests with Vladimir Putin. His relationship with […]