Donald Trump & Environmental Policy

Donald Trump has made many outrageous statements regarding the environment, climate change, and agencies such as the E.P.A.

Read more about his policy decisions below and be sure to check back often. His close relationships with the fossil fuel lobby provides a steady flow of fresh content to keep environmentalists and conservationists busy.

Trump Environmental Updates

Trump’s Dakota Pipeline Conflicts of Interest are Exposed

Trump holds Equity Stake in Company Seeking to Build Dakota Pipeline It’s becoming increasingly difficult for President-elect Trump to distance his conflicts of interest with environmental policy needs. While his investments in foreign real…

Donald Trump Announces Funding for Climate Research to be Ripped From NASA

NASA is Only Global Agency Monitoring Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Donald Trump has announced another highly politicized move with his decision to remove all climate change monitoring funds from NASA. The move to ax NASA’s…

Trump Leaves Door Open for the First Time Regarding Climate Change

Trump Flip Flops on Climate Change and Leaves Environmentalists Optimistic President-elect Donald Trump held an interview with the New York Times following the election. During the interview, Mr. Trump flip flopped on a number of campaign promises…

Donald Trump & His Clear Stance on Where the EPA is Going

Donald Trump to Clear the Air Around the EPA The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in 1970. It was set-up under Republican President Richard Nixon with a charge to protect the nation’s air and water. Nearly 50-years later,…
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Sustainable Energy & Environmental Progress Sent to Landfill by Trump

Myron Ebell, the New Environmental Leader for the United States The November 2016 election has thrust a number of geopolitical issues to the forefront. While a debate will rage over the next four years on how President-elect Trump has impacted…

President-Elect Trump Appoints Environmental Lead With Anti-Environment Roots

Climate Change Denier in Chief Trump Appoints Anti-Environment Head to EPA Transition Donald Trump has started to execute on his campaign promises regarding the environment. Rather, his promises to make change with little regard for the environment. Trump…