All Cars In Norway Will Be 100% Electric By 2025

In a little less than a decade, Norway projects that their roads will be covered with all-electric cars. The nation has aggressively worked to get all-electric cars on its roads by the year 2025. This plan is only a few years away and thus may be a little overzealous. But then again Norway does have a good standing when it comes to electric vehicles, the current Norwegian market share of EVs and plug-in electric/hybrid vehicles is great. The reason for this may be the great benefits that EVs offer compared to normal automobiles or the general concern of people for their surroundings.

Only Electric Cars by 2025

Norway has been incentivizing the use of vehicles that produce zero emissions since the 1990s; these incentives include tax exemptions such as no value added taxes (VAT) on these cars. The no VAT policy makes conventional automobiles more expensive as compared to EVs and thus more people buy the EVs.

The country also has low annual road tax and no import or purchase taxes on these zero emission vehicles. In addition to these tax cuts, EVs also get free parking in city centers, don’t pay road tolls and also get access to bus lanes. All of these incentives combined make owning an EV a lot more beneficial than owning a normal automobile.

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