Go Green This Easter

Before the time comes for bunnies and Easter egg hunts think about how you can Go Green for Easter. What I’m talking about is finding ways to make this Easter an environmentally-friendly event.

Our Tips to Go Green This Easter

There are countless things you can do on this day to be more eco-friendly; but we’re really just going to focus on some of the easier options you have. These are our recommendations for a simple, fun, eco-friendly Easter celebration!

  1. Plan ahead before you go shopping: Disposable cups and plates are certainly easy; but 25 billion Styrofoam cups are thrown away every year. It’s okay to pull the glasses out of the cupboard and use those. The same goes for dishes and silverware – by using what you have you reduce waste and you also save some cash!
  2. Don’t forget to keep the wardrobe: If you already have the right ensemble in your closet then great – you’re ahead of the game. If you find yourself struggling to find the right outfit, go to a local thrift store to see what you can pull together. By shopping at the thrift store, you give an old outfit a new life while again saving some cash!
  3. Eat local foods: Take advantage of locally grown foods by shopping at a farmers market. You can even take this one step further by also shopping organic. It’s a great way to go green on Easter while also serving healthy food to your guests!
  4. Decorate responsibly: This is one to take seriously. Too many decorations are used once and then tossed in the trash. Look for decorations that will last several years or decorations that are recyclable and made from recycled materials.
  5. Support local: Support the local economy while also keeping the environmental impact low. Local purchases will often have a much lower carbon footprint.

Whatever your faith is, be sure to safely enjoy this Easter and be sure to make it as eco-friendly as you can! It’s a journey worth the perseverance!