Support National Wildlife Day.

Support National Wildlife Day.

National Wildlife Day takes place every year on September 4th. The holiday was founded in 2006 as a memorial to the late Steve Irwin. Steve was an avid conservationist and consummate animal lover. National Wildlife Day falls on the anniversary of Steve’s untimely death (September 4, 2006).

The holiday highlights all the thankless work done through animal sanctuaries, habitat protection groups, animal rights educators, and the nation’s countless animal shelters.

What is National Wildlife Day?

The intent of National Wildlife Day is to keep Steve’s legacy and love of animals alive. It’s mission is to raise ongoing awareness for endangered animals globally. Further, it is used nationwide as an opportunity to provide education across the nation’s zoos.

National Wildlife Day encourages citizens everywhere to become activists in the name of animals impacted by any number of factors including habitat destruction, over hunting, climate change, and illegal poaching.

Through your actions you can support this cause. Take the family to a rescue sanctuary or zoo. Inquire about the facilities sponsorship programs and take action. A difference can be made through collective action. Look up your local zoo or animal sanctuary, sponsor a favorite animal, donate or volunteer to help in any way you can.

Ways You Can Support National Wildlife Day!

  • Volunteer at a local shelter. Unable to give your time, call them to find out what supplies you can drop off.
  • Check out your local zoo and support their animal sponsorship programs.
  • Support local and national conservation efforts. The World Wildlife Fund has many worthy programs that need support.
  • Donate to efforts supporting wildlife habitats and habitat protection.

Where you start is up to you – don’t be intimidated. What is most important is that you take that you take action and get involved. Now get out there and enjoy National Wildlife Day!

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