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We’re focused on educating people on the topics of environmental advocacy, conservation, and sustainability.


It‘s Not Really About Us… It’s About Our Home

A Green Leaf Home is about providing a foundation on the challenges our planet faces as you go through your life’s journey.

We don’t have all the answers; but we’ll do our best to provide plenty of tips and advice on how to make the world a better place. In many cases we also get into the ways true innovators are working to undo the challenges created by people.

In some cases you’ll need to draw your own conclusions on the long-term impacts we face. We can give you the background in many cases; but you need to make the decisions on what is right for you or your family.

What We Do

A Green Leaf Home is a resource for people looking to gain greater insight of the environmental challenges that affect our world.

Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.   – Theodore Roosevelt

Want to make a difference today?

You can make a donation to the National Resources Defense Council. The NRDC has programs designed to protect natural resources such as land, water, and air. Any contribution you make will go right towards helping them drive their mission of protecting wild spaces and wildlife.

10 Eco-Friendly Water Conservation Tips For Your Home

10 Everyday Tips for Water Conservation at Home Water conservation has rapidly become a tremendous issue. You don’t have to look far to see stories of drought, contaminated fresh water, and general shortages. Our most precious resource has…

Gluten Free Diet Guide - Another Way to Go Green

Gluten Free Diet Guide - Another Way to Go Green Going green isn't only about recycling, driving a hybrid car, or installing solar panels. An important aspect of being green is managing the products we take into our diets. For many people…

Green Glossary of Terms (N-Z)

Green Glossary (continued) Nonylphenol ethoxylate: Found in laundry detergents and other cleaners – also banned in Europe. Other uses include paints, and pesticides. Their impact is to act as an endocrine disrupter as well as an imitator…

Green Glossary of Terms (A-M)

Green Glossary The Green industry is filled with often used but still confusing terms. Hopefully this "Green Glossary"will help explain the language and vocabulary used. Aerator: Device attached to faucets to increase the air mixture when…

The Peril of Plastic Water Bottles

What’s Wrong With Disposable Plastic Water Bottles The basic advantage of plastic water bottles over other materials is its durability. This durability creates major problems for our lakes, oceans, and wildlife. Consider the following: Frightening…

How Effective is Your Home Insulation?

How Effective is Your Home Insulation? Few things in a home have a greater impact to your comfort and monthly utility bills than your insulation. Consider this; roughly half of your home’s energy use is for heating and air conditioning. Homes…
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