Sustainable Home Renovation and Remodeling Tips

A tremendous pride comes with home ownership. A great part of that ownership is all the little things we do to make our homes unique. As you consider your next home remodeling project, please consider these sustainable home renovation tips.

Sustainable Home Renovation Tips

These tips will help you enhance the eco-friendly features of your home. Each step will take you forward in building a more sustainable home.

Home Insulation: Be sure your home is properly sealed and insulated. Depending on your climate zone, your furnace may be working much harder than it needs to. Get a qualified insulation installer to check out your home. And remember, you have to seal the cracks first – piling more insulation on top of a poorly sealed attic is a waste of time and money.

Consider Reclaimed Materials: A great sustainable home renovation idea is to use material reclaimed from other projects. Floor boards reclaimed from an old barn for example could make a great addition to your project while also bringing some tremendous history along as well!

Use Sustainable Flooring: Stay clear of flooring that has to be shipped from exotic locations. If it comes from a rainforest, you can bet it isn’t a sustainable product.

Efficient Lighting: Too many options are available for efficient lighting to go into here. Go to your local home improvement store and check out all the cool LED options available.

Paint Responsibly: Paints are notorious for casting noxious volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Be sure to look into non-toxic options that can help you in your next sustainable home renovation project.

Sunrooms: These areas can be notoriously inefficient if not properly constructed. If this is the project you intend to tackle this year, be sure to work with a contractor that is familiar with the most eco-friendly material options. Everything from the walls, glass, and roofing material needs to be  carefully considered to ensure your addition is energy efficient and holds its temperature in the heat and cold.

Some other ideas you may want to consider for your next sustainable home renovation project include:

  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Install low flow toilets.
  • Install faucet aerators.
  • Replace your appliances with ENERGY STAR appliances to save some money and use less energy.
  • Use eco-friendly contractors for whatever your project calls for.