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Trump nominates scott pruitt

Clean Power Plan Repeal Would Cost America $600 Billion, Cause 120,000 Premature Deaths

The Trump administration has prioritized repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a set of rules by the U.S. EPA aimed at limiting pollution from power plants. New analysis shows that repealing the rule would cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions…
EPA Under Fire With Scott Pruitt

Donald Trump Announces Oil Ally Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA

The President-Elect Continues His Reign of Environmental Destruction with Oil Advocate as Chief to the E.P.A. News was released on December 7th that Mr. Trump was going to go with long-time anti-environmentalist and Attorney General Scott Pruitt…
Dakota Access Pipeline Halted

The Dakota Access Pipeline is Officially Halted… For Now

Army Corp of Engineers Makes Announcement on Their Decision Government officials released an announcement on 12/4/16 – the Army Corp of Engineers will not grant an easement to complete the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The…
Trump Conflict of Interest Dakota Pipeline

Trump Supports Completion of His Dakota Pipeline Investment

In a Less Than Surprising Turn of Events, Trump Reveals that He Wants to See the Dakota Pipeline Completed Donald Trump has made his plans to assault the environment very clear. He’s nominated anti-environmentalists, big oil lobbyists, and…

Geoengineering Being Consider by U.N. to Tackle Climate Change Impacts

Hollywood has produced a number of science fiction blockbusters that depict humans intentionally tampering with the atmosphere. In the movie The Core, for example, scientists invent a way to weaponized weather which in turn has the effect of…

Unprecedented Marine Preserve Established to Protect Pristine Antarctic Wilderness

World leaders have come together in an effort to expand protection and conservation for pristine wilderness in the Antarctic. The agreement, when it goes into effect, will conserve roughly 600,000 square miles of marine habitat known as the…