President-Elect Trump Appoints Environmental Lead With Anti-Environment Roots

Climate Change Denier in Chief Trump Appoints Anti-Environment Head to EPA Transition

Donald Trump has started to execute on his campaign promises regarding the environment. Rather, his promises to make change with little regard for the environment.

Trump has long been at odds with US environmental policy.

One of his most notable views is his perception of climate change (or global warming as he more narrowly refers to it).

Trump has also called the EPA a complete disgrace while conducting an interview with Fox News in October 2015. His primary complaint has been their introduction of regulation for the sake of the environment. This statement from that interview sums his view best:

“We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.” – Donald Trump

With these opinions as the backdrop, it should bring little surprise that the President-Elect would select a fellow climate change denier to head his environmental team.

The Environmental Protection Agency is About to Transition

Donald Trump has officially named Myron Ebell as the head of his environmental team. Myron is a conservative consultant with a long history of courting fossil fuel interest groups. Here are just a few of the past accomplishments for the United States Environmental Lead.

  • A history of advocating for increased logging.
  • A history of advocating for increased fossil fuel exploration.
  • A history of fighting the science behind climate change.
  • Rejects the climate change accords signed by nearly 200 nations.
  • Has accepted funding from big oil (ExxonMobil).

So it’s official – since the EPA will report to Myron Ebell, the oil industry now leads environmental protection in the United States. So much for the “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric from the campaign. Perhaps he meant that he wanted to ‘drain the swamp’ to allow for more drilling and oil exploration.