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Sustainable Energy & Environmental Progress Sent to Landfill by Trump

Myron Ebell, the New Environmental Leader for the United States

The November 2016 election has thrust a number of geopolitical issues to the forefront. While a debate will rage over the next four years on how President-elect Trump has impacted the economy, or political relationships, no issue will have the long-lasting effect as what will be done to the environment.

Trump, with his selection of Myron Ebell as his new lead to drive change through the E.P.A. and US environmental policy has sent a clear and resounding message to the citizens of this country.

By selecting a long-standing oil industry lobbyist, climate change denier, and anti-environment advocate, the Trump team has set the tone for environmental policy.

Notable Examples of Myron Ebell’s View Points

Mr. Ebell is from Oregon; but don’t expect his west-coast origin to influence his views on the environment. He’s typically described himself as a contrarian and prides himself on taking opposing views to that of fact, science, or the common will of people.

Mr. Ebell has provided many soundbites over the years; but he, like Trump, has several that rise to the surface as alarming.

Here are just a few of his personal quotes:

He has expressed hope that the next president will eliminate the Clean Power Plan which was developed by the E.P.A. as a mechanism to aid in curbing carbon emissions.

“…undo the E.P.A. power plant regs and some of the other regs that are very harmful to our economy.” – Myron Ebell regarding the clean air standards being applied to the coal energy industry.

On the matter of climate change, Mr. Ebell had the following to say:

“I really think that people should be suspicious of authority,” he told an interviewer last year. “The more you’re told that you have to believe something, the more you should question it.” – Myron Ebell regarding the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting human-influenced climate change.

This viewpoint has some merit to it on the surface. Validation of theories is critical to the scientific method and the scientific community has done this through tangible measurements and observation.

When Pope Francis spoke out against the perils of climate change, Mr. Ebell worked hard to reach a new low. He referred to the pontiff’s concerns by explaining he was,

“scientifically ill informed, economically illiterate, intellectually incoherent and morally obtuse.” – Myron Ebell regarding Pope Francis’s concern with climate change.

Myron’s Environmental Legacy

His future legacy is yet to be written; however, he’s already been actively involved in a number of environmental causes.

  • Heavily lobbied with the fossil fuel industry to halt the Paris Climate Change Agreement
  • Attempted to trim the Endangered Species Act to exclude application to privately held lands
  • Refers to scientists that support the idea of climate change as a gang that “cooks the data”

Mr. Ebell held a spirited discussion on C-Span in 2015. During that discussion, he was asked to confirm that his institute takes funding from the coal industry. Mr. Ebell responded with, “I would like to have more funding, so that I could combat the nonsense put out by the environmental movement.”

President-elect Trump has granted him his wish. He now has billions at his disposal and an ability to reshape environmental policy to his contrarian whims.