Trump Supports Completion of His Dakota Pipeline Investment

In a Less Than Surprising Turn of Events, Trump Reveals that He Wants to See the Dakota Pipeline Completed

Donald Trump has made his plans to assault the environment very clear. He’s nominated anti-environmentalists, big oil lobbyists, and industry billionaires to lead his cabinet and key administrative positions.

Trump’s latest foray into his anti-environment agenda seems to come at the cost of the North Dakota Indian tribe that actually owns the land that where his investments intend to develop an oil carrying pipeline lays.

The Dakota Pipeline is a massive project intended to carry crude oil from the extraction point in the Dakotas to southern Illinois where it will be taken for processing. The project is expected to cost $3.8 billion dollars, cover several states, and the sovereign land of multiple indigenous people. The United States is technically not the law of the land for the Sioux Nation; however, the project intends to press on through the tribe’s water supply as well as sacred cultural heritage sites.

The president-elect’s communication team had expressed the following on December 1st:

“[The project] has nothing to do with his personal investments and everything to do with promoting policies that benefit all Americans.”

North Dakota Republican Senator John Hoeven met with Trump and shared the following insights:

“Today, Mr. Trump expressed his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has met or exceeded all environmental standards set forth by four states and the Army Corps of Engineers,” – North Dakota Senator John Hoeven