Trump’s Impact on the Environment – Day One

The first full week of Donald Trump’s presidency has kicked off. It’s been reported that Trump requested to include tanks and mobile missile launchers as a show of power during his inaugural parade. Fortunately this was denied by the military.

While that request seems more reminiscent of an action seen in North Korea, our new president could have easily replaced his military show of power with tanks with an army of fossil fuel executives and mobile oil drilling platforms.

Days Leading to the Inauguration

The days that lead up to Mr. Trump taking his oath experienced a number of repugnant actions taken by the Republican controlled Congress. Specifically, congress passed the Midnight Rule Relief Act.

This piece of legislation allows the newly elected president and his fearfully supportive congress to basically wipe out in a single vote a substantial block of regulations put in place by Obama in his final days. This includes all the environmental protections in put in place to restrict drilling in national monuments, the oil drilling ban in US owned arctic waters, as well as any other order he put in place.

The law was passed along party lines.

His First Full Week as President

Trump spent what he called his first day in office with fellow blue blood executives. He shared with the group of gathered CEOs that he intends to eliminate as many as 75% of the existing regulations in place today.

Rather than solve the problems of over-regulation and ensure that proper environmental and consumer protections are in place, the president committed to the executives that he intends to scrap 75% or greater of all regulations. He shared that sentiment with the same breath where he was quoted as saying the following:

“I’m a very big person when it comes to the environment. I have received awards on the environment. But some of that stuff makes it impossible to get anything built.”

Meanwhile, Trump is still pushing for an EPA head that has spent his career undermining environmental regulations. He’s also ordered an immediate freeze of new regulations across all federal agencies. He is also putting an end to requiring an assessment of greenhouse gases for new projects (this happens to align with his removal of all reference to the environment or climate change from the official White House website.

Lastly, the Trump team has announced that the president is releasing a ban on selling coal mined from federal lands. No information has been released on if he intends to do extensive logging within the National Park system; but then again, this was only his first official day.