Wind Energy is Clean, Renewable, and Sustainable Energy

Wind energy may be right for you if you’ve been looking for options that give you greater independence from the national electrical infrastructure. It also works to help those who live in areas with limited or no access to the power grid, wind energy may be an excellent option to supplement your needs.

Wind energy is nothing new. For centuries, people have been harnessing the power of the wind to pump water or process their grains. Just recently we’ve figured out how to take this nearly endless supply of energy and convert it to electricity.

Wind Energy is Growing in Popularity

Large scale wind power is experiencing global growth in popularity and has become a major source of renewable energy. One of the benefits is its simplicity. As wind blows, it turns a blade. The blade in turn rotates a shaft. As the shaft spins, it is connected to a generator creating electricity. The larger the blade and greater the rotation, the greater the amount of electricity generated. This is why you frequently hear about large scale wind farms being created offshore. These are usually areas with constant winds.

As technology continues to advance, residential wind turbines are also becoming popular.

Advantages of Wind Power

Proponents of wind power tout its many benefits and advantages. Here are some of the more common advantages cited:

  • It’s a clean source of energy – no fossil fuels required and no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The wind supply is abundant, renewable, and sustainable.
  • Wind energy is low cost after the initial investment.
  • Wind turbines can be constructed virtually anywhere needed.

Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind power is not without its disadvantages. Here are some of the biggest obstacles to overcome:

  • The initial investment is higher than gas or oil burning generators.
  • Wind in your area may not be consistent.
  • The space required for a wind generator may be competing for other purposes of development or agricultural use.
  • Some people have complained about the noise made as the blades rotate.
  • Environmentalists have raised concerns over the impact the blades have on bird populations.

The Future of Wind Energy

Greenpeace projects that wind power can supply between 17 – 19% of the global electricity demand by 2030. In doing so it would also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 3 billion tons per year.

Wind power is an excellent alternative source of energy whose time has come.  What remains to be seen is how sustainable it will be in the eyes of American consumers. While it has not become truly main stream, another spike in energy prices may have this technology poised for everyday consumers. Europeans have already embraced this technology and are already investing in massive wind farms to power their communities with zero emissions.


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